This project is based on promoting and improving on food availability, food accessibility, food quality and nutrition of small holder farmers improved livelihood, living standard, and well being through modern and innovative but efficient system to enhance sustainable development.

The main objective of this project is to capacitate and support existing small scale farmers to use the opportunities available and to cope with challenges of intensifying cultivation, transformation, and sales of major food crops.


This project is focused on improving communities’ wellbeing through informing, sensitizing and educating rural communities. The project on communication for community development is an integrated project which takes into consideration a sector by sector approach. To better improve communities’ wellbeing, communities will be informed, sensitize and educated on current challenges and opportunities.
In communicating for community development, the project will rely on instruments like community radios, workshops, focus group discussion, and creation of some specific community clubs and training of peer educators.

We create partnership with some community radios that transmit information on relevant issues in simple language (pidgin, English and vernacular). On the other hand, been an organization that is based within these communities, we have a comprehensive collaboration with the traditional rulers making it easy for us to use other communication strategies like community clubs, workshop and the like.


The project green community is an open system and inclusive project which involves the protection of existing biodiversity and regeneration of biodiversity and natural resources. This project includes other environmental issues like ecosystem protection, Climate change mitigation and adaptation practices (marine and terrestrial). The project intends to promote environmental best practices by harmonizing the ideas, experience and initiatives of both environmental experts and community members in the protection, management and use of biodiversities and natural resources. Through such collaborative approach, the regeneration of lost forested space, habitat, nearly extinct but endemic plants and animals will be restored.

The green economy project is also a multi-sector project which if realized will increase the forest space, animal population, enhance community awareness on natural resource and biodiversity management, improve community application of best environmental best practices likewise improving the livelihood of these communities through revenue from ecotourism, sustainable harvesting and sale of medicinal plants and other introduced green economy activities.