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Product Breakdown for Mount Cameroon Visit / Peripheries.

Opportunities: One day to two days visit and above.
Tracks Names Itinerary Duration
01 Buea, Hut One Race Track 5 hours
02 Buea, Summit, Buea Race Track 12 hours (for Athletes)
03 Buea, Old German Mill Bakingili 6 hours
04 Buea, Wildlife Center, Botanical Garden Tea plantation 3 to 5 hours
05 Buea, Batoke, Mount Etinde Tea plantation, West Coast 11 hours
06 Buea, Hut Two, Summit, Buea Guinness trail: Buea (1,000m), camp at Hut 2 (2,850m), Crater of 2000 eruption, Summit (4,095m), Buea 2 to 3 days
07 Buea, Hut Two, Summit, Mann Spring, Bokwaongo Race track - craters: Buea, overnight Hut 2, 2000 Crater, Summit, overnight Mann’s Spring, Bokwango 2 to 4 days
08 Bokwaong, Mann Spring, Bokwaongo Farmers trail: Bokwango (850m), overnight Mann’s Spring (2,440m), back to Bokwango 2 to 3 days
09 Buea, Summit, Mann Spring, Bakingili (Wildlfe) Buea (1,000m), camp at Hut 2 (2,850m), 2000 Crater, Summit (4,095m), lunch at End of 1982 Lava, camp Mann’s Spring (2,440m), camp at Crater Lake, Bakingili 4 to 5 days
10 Bokwaongo, Mann Spring, Bakingili (Wildlife) Bokwaongo (950m), camp at Mann Spring (2300m), 1982 Crater, camp at Crater Lake, Bakingili 4 to 5 days

There are other services like;

  • Beach tour (black sand and yellow sand beach)
  • Culinary program (traditional/staple meals)
  • Organize breakfast, lunch and dinner especially for groups.
  • Bird Watching (High and Low Lands).
  • Research tour on Flora and Fauna.
  • Agricultural tour within the forest dependent communities.
  • A tour on the Mount Cameroon Ring Road.
  • Home stay.